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This week we are reading:
Title: In Progress and Absence, Again
Author: sevenimpossiblethings
Rating: Teen and up (PG-13)
Author's Summary: In Progress - Arthur felt as if he’d been watching Eames out of the corner of his eye for years, just catching glimpses, and he was ready to turn his head and really see. To stare, full on. He hoped Eames would hold still so he could drink in the whole picture.
Absence, Again - Eames reads the emails.

These fics are the first two parts of "The First Minute is for Hello Kisses" by the wonderful sevenimpossiblethings. They are another product of the amazing group of fics written for Inception Bingo during inceptiversay this year! I love so many things about these fics, but I'll cover that in the comments and discussion topics I post below in the comments. As always, please feel free to add your own!

PS - part three is an Ari/Yusef story from the same universe, so feel free to check that out as well. Doing all three put us over the word limit, but I still encourage you to read it!
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