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A big thank you to everyone who voted! The results are in and the fic's we will be reading are:

In our line of work, by Espoir, discussion November 2nd
Never none the wiser by pyrimidine, discussion November 9th
'Eames? He's in Mobasa' by chasingriver, discussion November 16th
In progress & absence, by sevenimpossible things, discussion November 23rd
And we smile by never say too much by arabesque05, discussion, November 30th

Want to see the full results list?

The people who have nominated the above stories have been notified. If necessary, another post will go out shorter for discussion leads. 
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Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions!

There will be a post asking for volunteers to help lead discussions. That post will be coming next week once we have the results.

Without further ado HERE is the link to the Nomination Poll.

Please select 5 fics from the list you would like to discuss. In the event of a tie, we will read two fics in one week.

This poll will CLOSE Saturday October 29th, at 11:59pm

Link to the calendar.
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The nomination poll is up and ready for your votes!


Poll closes at 11:59 PST on Tuesday May 17th, 2016. 
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Follow the link to the poll for the 6 different streams to choose from for round 1



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