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The purpose of this group is to provide a space and a conversational community for talking about Inception (2010) fanfiction. Community mods are knackorcraft and Ladyprydian

We read a story to several stories a month. Stories are chosen by nominations from members of the community. Members can spend several weeks digging into one story, or hop between two or three new stories every week – whatever your preferred mode of engagement, there will be people to talk to!

We have chosen different "streams" (or subgenres of fic) to get the community started. Please stop in and nominate the fics you want to talk about! And if you see a suggestion that you like, by all means, chip in with a reply to say that you're interested, so we have some sense of which fics are the most popular choices.

If there are several nominated fics in various categories, the decision on which fic to read will be based on a community-wide poll.

Here are the individual nominating threads:

Angst – need a cry? These stories have you covered.
AUs: Alternate Universe – includes stories like; cat!boy, vampire / werewolf, Dom & sub universe (focus on the relationship) , historical, alternative professions, or different ages like high school and college AU. (Unless the younger age corresponds to character development, that fits better in pre-movie.)
AUs: Alternate Narrative – third party narrators,
AUs: Crossover/Fusion – crossovers or fusions with other fandoms.
Fluff – so sweet it leaves you with warm fuzzies.
Humor/Crack – always good for a laugh.
Novel length – Stories that you find at 10 pm and have kept you up all night.
Omegaverse – knotting, babies, and lots of lube.
Pre-movie – back stories and pre movie theories.
Post-movie canon – stories that occur after the events of the film.
PWP – Porn. All the porn.
Rare Pairings – This fandom is A/E heavy, so we want a stream that highlights other pairings.
Wild Card – a space for fics that don’t fit other streams.

This list is our best guess for getting started: we plan on having the community take stock a few months in, so that we can expand, contract, or rearrange the streams to suit the community.

A note on nominating - if the fic you nominated is chosen, then you will be responsible for "launching" discussion of that story: that is, when the time comes to open discussion on that story, you will make the post to start the discussion (which will unfold in comments on your original post), and offer some initial thoughts/questions to get the conversation going. We are happy to provide you with some (optional) guidelines for this first post to get you started.

Our fic discussions will be locked to prevent trolling and protect the privacy of the participants, but the community itself is open. We hope you’ll join us! Send any questions our way by commenting on this ask-a-mod post.


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