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Have a question that's not answered here? Leave us a note on the ask-a-mod post

How do I nominate a fic?
You nominate a fic by commenting in the nomination thread for the stream/genre. Nomination posts will look like this:Nomination Thread: [Stream/Genre name]

At the beginning of each round we will make a number of posts like this. All you need to do is comment with the fic you want to nominat.e Please provide as much information as you can such as:

Link [follow these instructions on how to add a link in LJ]

To avoid duplication, please also check the thread to ensure that you are not nominating a fic that is already listed

How do I get to lead a discussion?

All you have to do is to tell the world that you want to! Discussion leaders volunteer to lead conversations about a particular fic, rather than making a blanket offer. You can express your interest during the nominations period, either by nominating a new story or seconding an extant nomination.  Be sure to mention, in your comment, that you are interested in leading. If there is a need, we will make a post asking for discussion leaders.

Boy, I really love this story. I can't wait to squee about it with other people.  I'm good to go, right?

Not really, no. The discussion leader's job is to make room for the full range of responses, and not everybody is going to love the story.  As far as we're concerned, that kind of disagreement isn't a problem, it's an opportunity for everyone to learn more about how the fic is working: why it is affecting different readers in different ways, or even seems to be saying different things to different readers, or seems convincing or in-character to only some of its audience.

You don't have to defend the fic against every criticism somebody raises; in fact - although you are of course welcome to respond, and to offer your own interpretation - it's important to us that everyone knows (and feels) that they are allowed to criticize the stories.  We don't welcome fic-bashing (or author-bashing, or character-bashing) but this kind of productive criticism - aimed at reaching a better understanding of the story - is our lifeblood as a community.

If you don't think you would feel comfortable leading a discussion on these terms, you may not want to be a discussion leader for this comm.

What should I talk about in my opening discussion post?

Talk about the things that drove you to nominate (or second) the story in the first place! You can start with your own reactions: what did you love? What did you find interesting? What did you find confusing, or frustrating, or left you wishing something had been different? Secondly, you can raise questions to help get underneath your reactions: what are the attributes or aspects of the story that elicited those reactions from you? What other things (e.g. particular views of of the characters, understanding of the fic's genre) has to be in place, do you think, for the story to elicit that response? How does the story conform to, or differ from, the patterns laid down by other fics of this kind?

if you would like more guidance in developing your opening post, you can contact the mods. We can hlep you get started. We can also throw around some ideas with you, if we're familiar with the story.

When the time comes for me to start the discussion, how do I make the post?

When you do post to the comm, please use Discussion Post: [Title of fic] as the subject.  Please use the following header at the top before starting your discussion:
Author's Summary:

A bit of introductory matter: your own expansion of the author's summary, some words about what makes this story wonderful, and/or interesting, and/or problematic.

***LJ CUT***

The bulk of your discussion should go below a cut, so as not to swamp people's feeds.

comments: In the past, many of our discussion leaders have organized the conversation by "threading" comments: that is, they have created comment on the original post for each of the different major areans of discussion that they take to be importnat. For some longer fics, discussion leaders have also created comments for different parts of the story. We do not require that you use this method to organize discussion, but we do recommend it.

Also, please tag your post with the round number (e.g. "round 2") and with the name of the stream. Please DO NOT tag it with other streams or genres, even if you think the fic could be classified that way.


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