Nov. 2nd, 2016

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This week we are reading:
Title: In Our Line of Work
Author: Espoir
Rating: Teen and Up (PG-13)
Author's Summary: “That’s not fair Eames, we’re not breaking up, you know it’s just-“

“A safety precaution, yeah yeah.”

Because he knows. They both do. ‘In our line of work...’ is one of Eames’ absolute least favourite phrases, but it’s also usually prelude to his least favourite truths. Truths like the fact that really, they both know they’re a disaster waiting to happen, that someday, probably not too far in the future, one of them will be used as leverage against the other and it’s going to fucking work, because they’re too far gone now, too invested, too emotionally attached and too stupidly in love-

This is a great newer short fic! Please check it out and post any comments or discussion questions you have! I'll start us off with a few of my questions in the comments. 


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