Oct. 10th, 2016 06:12 pm
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The results are in and the people have voted in favour of going with one genre per round!

Fic's will be limited to 5,000 words or less this round and now it's up to folks to select which genre they would like to read. The options are:

Canon compliant - fics that adhere to the Inception canon.
Femslash / genderbend / rule 63 - fics where genders are swapped for one or all characters.
Gen fic - General rated fics (as per AO3), so fics with no teen and up, mature or expicit content.
Kid fic / Parent fic - Inception characters can be kids or have kids.
Missing scene - Scenes that are missing from the film.
OT3 - Poly pairings! Any pairing is accepted.
Remix - Remixes of other fic's.
Underrated fics - fics that don't have a high kudos or hit but that people love and want to give the author love.


SURVEY CLOSES SUNDAY OCTOBER 16, 2016. We will be doing a "holiday" genre during the month of December which is why it is not on the above list. Check the calendar for additional dates.

Link to the Calendar.

Round 3

Oct. 4th, 2016 08:58 am
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Hi everyone!

Is everyone ready for round 3?

I have a question to ask in regards to the format of round 3, since there isn't a long list of genres I was wondering if a format change would be acceptable. Instead of doing multiple genres per round we select one and read a number of fics in that genre. This could open up for thematic discussions, comparing and contrasting between fics in the same genre.

We can certainly go back to the old format if people don't like the idea of one genre per round.

I was also thinking, that for this round at least, we have a word cap on the fic. Say no more then 5k words to keep them short so people have time to read. We've had a lot of long, multi-chaptered fics that are difficult to fit in during the school year/real life.

Additionally, in December I'd love to do a "holiday" theme. It doesn't have to be limited to Christmas/Hanukkah, but could incorporate other holidays like halloween or valentines day.

After this poll, I'll open up another to select the genre(s) we choose to read.

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Here is the list of fic's and discussions for round 2

Angst: Rough Trade

Novel Length: Domestic Verse
Fic Series
Discussion pt 1
Discussion pt 2

AU: Alternate Universe: Simple Math

OmegaVerse: The Revolution Will Not be Civilized

PWP: Reread

Rare Parings: Take the long way home (soft as the radio)

Wild Card: Gateway/Fandom Classics: I've got nothing to do today but smile (the only boy living in New York)
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My apologies for the lateness of this post. I wanted to have it up the week after we discussed wild card: gateway/fandom classics but life decided to kick me around for the last two weeks of July. (Don't worry, it's all sorted out now it was just a rush to get things completed before I took a week of vaction).

Soliciting feedback on how you felt round 2 went.

How can we make this community better? Was the amount of reminders and post on tumblr helpful? Too much? What are we doing that you like? What would you like us to change? What would you like to see for the next round? Genres? Word limits? Opinions? Suggestions?

These questions will be added in comments below.

Finally, THANK YOU all so much for participating in the fantastic discussions. Thank you for your insightful comments. Thank you for the good discussions. Thank you for joining in.

Here is the link to the post of the fics we discussed for round 2. It is also linked on the side bar.

-Mod Pry.
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Welcome to the final discussion for round 2! It's also, in honour of the 6th anniversary of Inception being released, our discussion for gateway & fandom classics.

I’ve Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Boy Living in New York)

Author: Gyzym

Rating: Teen and up

Summary: Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.

Oh how true it is. Love comes in the form of a quad shot latte. [lovingly croons at a cup of coffee while stroking it’s warm ceramic exterior.]

Ladyprydian + coffee = OPT

Truth time. This fic isn’t my gateway (honour for that goes to EGT and *flaps hand* whatever her first Inception fic was) but she mentioned this fic and I read it and it became my gateway (Sorry EGT) because at the time I was Arthur. (Except I’m not a lawyer and I was certainly not living in New York.)

What I was though, was working a job I enjoyed for a boss I hated and therefore I hated my job and everything associated with it. So I understood where Arthur was coming from, getting through one more day, one more week, while looking for something else. Eventually things worked out.

So this fic is very personal to me. This fic is about being truthful to yourself, courage, love, taking a leap of faith, and love in the time of coffee.

So much coffee.

Mmm, I could have a coffee right now ....

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Hello everyone! It's 7PM my time, which means as Wednesday activities go, I have failed you. I have failed Kate 100 percent because I'm pretty sure it just became Thursday for her.

Anyways, here's wonderwall.

Title: take the long way home (soft as the radio)
Author: Gyzym
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: N/A
Author's Summary: The thought washes over her, steady and calming like a warm breeze, that this could be her own kind of love story.

This fic is one of the most prominent of the Ari/Yusuf ship, and it sits right in the middle of an Arthur/Eames love story, so most people, even people who don't necessarily ship it, are familiar with it. It doesn't hurt that Gyzym is a complete goddess.
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Title: The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized
Author: the_ragnarok
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: N/A
Author's Summary: Arthur is the son of the ruler, and an Omega male. Eames is leading the revolution. Which kidnaps Arthur. This is only the start of their problems.

Omegaverse can be very divisive in a fandom. People either really enjoy it, or they are incredibly turned off by it.

Allow me to tell you why this fic is special!

There's an exciting political plot, lots of witty banter, appearances by all the canonverse characters, a sweeping romance, lots of smutty smut smut, and a wonderful introduction to the experience of heat and knotting and all the obligations and expectations that come with that.

Perhaps most importantly, Eames and Arthur are perfectly depicted. Eames is still as charming and delightful as ever, and Arthur is still as smart and strong-willed as we know he is, despite being an Omega!male. And we all know how Omegas are typically depicted in fanfic...

I hope you'll join me in (re)reading this story, and engaging in the discussion below!
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Title: Simple Math
Author: foxxcub
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Author's Summary: "So," Eames says slowly, leaning back against the school wall as he idly taps his cigarette. "We've got a problem here."
or, The Fake Boyfriend High School AU

For this week's discussion, we have this lovely AU that not only incorporates all the emotions and hormones of high school, but also throws in a fake relationship, enemies to lovers, boys being stupid and in love, and a bunch more of your favourite things. I've left some discussion points, but feel free to add your own questions and/or observations and/or general flailing below.
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This second part of the discussion of gyzym's Domesticverse, Wherever You Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home) includes parts 5, 7 and 8. We'll discuss part 6 in the rare pair week.
Part 5: pressed against the pending physics of my passed down last name
part 7: life long local foreigner, i
part 8: having let go forever the fallacy of ever being alone

Once again, msbrightsidesh and I really enjoyed discussing these chapters, which are, if possible, even lovelier than the earlier ones.
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This is a discussion of the first four stories in Wherever you will be (that's where I'll call home). by gyzym.
We will discuss parts 5, 7 and 8 next week.

msbrightsidesh and I had a lot of fun discussing what we thought were the main themes, we hope you had a wonderful time reading the stories and enjoy talking about them.
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Welcome to the first discussion in round 2!

This week we are reading:

Title: Rough Trade
Author: Whisky (whiskyrunner)
Rating: Explicit
Author's Summary: Arthur is an investment banker. He is professional and efficient. He's a halfway decent cook. He's totally independent and has been since the age of eighteen. Maybe he's tired all the time because he works about ninety hours a week which is twice what normal people do, but he's rich and he's competent at his job. He's almost thirty, and already a success.

And there are some things Arthur is not. For instance: Arthur is not gay.


This was the fic chosen for the Angst category.
This is an angsty fic, and deals with some potentially upsetting topics. For the purposes of this discussion I will be assuming that everyone has read the fic and the tags and knows what's up.

I've posted a few questions to get the conversation going. Feel free to post your own, questions, thoughts, etc.
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Slight change of dates to accommodate discussion leaders.  Calendar will be updated to reflect the changes.

[ profile] msbrightsidesh and [ profile] kate_the_reader will be leading the novel length discussion on June 1st and 8th.

[ profile] flosculatory will be leading the au: alternate narriative on June 15th.

Thanks for being so accommodating everyone!!

-Mod Pry. 
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Results are in and a big thank you to everyone who voted. We had 62 responses and no ties.

So! For round 2 we will be reading:

May 25 Discussion 1 - Angst: Rough Trade by Whisky (whiskyrunner)

June 1 Discussion 2 - Novel length part 1*: Wherever you Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home) by gyzym
June 8 Disucssion 3 - Novel length part 2*

June 15 Disucssion 4 -Aus: Alternate Universe: SImple Math by Foxxcub

June 22 Discussion 5 - Omegaverse: The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized by the_ragnarok

June 29 Discussion 6 - PWP: Reread by rageprufrock

July 6 Discussion 7 - Rare Pairings: Take the long way home (soft as the radio) by gyzym

July 13 Discussion 8 - Wild Card - Gateway/Fandom Classics**: I've got nothing to do today but smile (the only living boy in New York) by gyzym

Those who nominated will be contacted about leading the discussion. Should they decide that they do not want to lead, a post will be made asking for disucssion leaders.

*Split into two weeks to allow for more time for people to read.

**Anniversary of Inception's US release date!!
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The nomination poll is up and ready for your votes!

Poll closes at 11:59 PST on Tuesday May 17th, 2016. 
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This is where you comment to nominate a fic for the Wild Card: Gateway/Fandom classics stream/genre.

Read how to nominate a fic HERE
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This is where you comment to nominate a fic for the Rare Pairings stream/genre.

Read how to nominate a fic HERE
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This is where you comment to nominate a fic for the PWP stream/genre.

Read how to nominate a fic HERE
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This is where you comment to nominate a fic for the Novel length stream/genre.

Read how to nominate a fic HERE
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This is where you comment to nominate a fic for the Omegaverse stream/genre.

Read how to nominate a fic HERE


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