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My apologies for the lateness of this post the holidays got in my way and I just got to it now.

Soliciting feedback on how you felt round 3 went.

How can we make this community better? Was the amount of reminders and post on tumblr helpful? Too much? Was it easier with one genre or should we go back to multiple genres per round? What are we doing that you like? What would you like us to change? What would you like to see for the next round? Genres? Word limits? Opinions? Suggestions?

With the servers moving to Russia do people want to continue on this platform or move somewhere else?

Also, I'm not sure when round 4 will be. I'm going to aim for May 2017 because the next few months are going to be very busy for me work wise. It will hopefully settle when the academic semester ends.

Finally, THANK YOU all so much for participating in the fantastic discussions. Thank you for your insightful comments. Thank you for the good discussions. Thank you for joining in.

Here is the link to all the fics and discussions in round 3.

-Mod Pry.
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This week's fic...

Title: and we smile but never say too much
Author: arabesque05
Rating: General audiences
Author's summary:
 "I've been thinking," says Eames in Lisbon.
 "Oh, God," says Arthur.
 "Why do you never write me love letters?" says Eames.
 "Oh, God," says Arthur.


This is a short and brush-strokey little "view of Arthur and Eames's relationship" fic, posted back in 2011, with a fantastic and evocative mix of pining, feels, and humor. And even an EXCELLENT PENIS JOKE!
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This week we are reading:
Title: In Progress and Absence, Again
Author: sevenimpossiblethings
Rating: Teen and up (PG-13)
Author's Summary: In Progress - Arthur felt as if he’d been watching Eames out of the corner of his eye for years, just catching glimpses, and he was ready to turn his head and really see. To stare, full on. He hoped Eames would hold still so he could drink in the whole picture.
Absence, Again - Eames reads the emails.

These fics are the first two parts of "The First Minute is for Hello Kisses" by the wonderful sevenimpossiblethings. They are another product of the amazing group of fics written for Inception Bingo during inceptiversay this year! I love so many things about these fics, but I'll cover that in the comments and discussion topics I post below in the comments. As always, please feel free to add your own!

PS - part three is an Ari/Yusef story from the same universe, so feel free to check that out as well. Doing all three put us over the word limit, but I still encourage you to read it!
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This week we are reading:
Title: "Eames? He's in Mombasa."
Author: chasingriver
Rating: Teen and Up (PG-13)
Author's Summary: Arthur tells himself that light surveillance is part of the job. He almost believes it.

This short fic was written this summer for Inceptiversary/Inception Kink/Trope Bingo. It's a very fun in-universe view of how Eames and Arthur's relationship developed.

I'll post some discussion questions in the comments and I welcome anyone else to post questions or topics they wish to discuss.
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Sorry for the delay here, folks. Crazy week, as you know. This week we're reading a fabulous Pushing Daisies AU, Never None the Wiser, by pyrimidine. Go and read it and then come back to chat! I'll put some questions below, and please add your own!
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This week we are reading:
Title: In Our Line of Work
Author: Espoir
Rating: Teen and Up (PG-13)
Author's Summary: “That’s not fair Eames, we’re not breaking up, you know it’s just-“

“A safety precaution, yeah yeah.”

Because he knows. They both do. ‘In our line of work...’ is one of Eames’ absolute least favourite phrases, but it’s also usually prelude to his least favourite truths. Truths like the fact that really, they both know they’re a disaster waiting to happen, that someday, probably not too far in the future, one of them will be used as leverage against the other and it’s going to fucking work, because they’re too far gone now, too invested, too emotionally attached and too stupidly in love-

This is a great newer short fic! Please check it out and post any comments or discussion questions you have! I'll start us off with a few of my questions in the comments. 
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A big thank you to everyone who voted! The results are in and the fic's we will be reading are:

In our line of work, by Espoir, discussion November 2nd
Never none the wiser by pyrimidine, discussion November 9th
'Eames? He's in Mobasa' by chasingriver, discussion November 16th
In progress & absence, by sevenimpossible things, discussion November 23rd
And we smile by never say too much by arabesque05, discussion, November 30th

Want to see the full results list?

The people who have nominated the above stories have been notified. If necessary, another post will go out shorter for discussion leads. 
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Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions!

There will be a post asking for volunteers to help lead discussions. That post will be coming next week once we have the results.

Without further ado HERE is the link to the Nomination Poll.

Please select 5 fics from the list you would like to discuss. In the event of a tie, we will read two fics in one week.

This poll will CLOSE Saturday October 29th, at 11:59pm

Link to the calendar.
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A big thank you to everyone who voted in the last two polls, the results are in and round 3 will be (if you haven't read the title of this post):

UNDERRATED FICS - fics that don’t have a high kudos or hit but that people love and want to give the author love.

This is also the nomination thread for the genre, so please nominate a / some fic(s) that you would like the community to read and discuss.

Fic's will be limited to 5,000 words. No going over that word cound. Anything longer then that will not be added to the voting post.

Nominations will be accepted until 11:59 PST, Saturday October 22.

Final instruction, please indicate whether or not you would like to lead the discussion on the fic you nominate. This lets me know right away if I need to put out a request for discussion leads.

Link to the calendar.


Oct. 10th, 2016 06:12 pm
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The results are in and the people have voted in favour of going with one genre per round!

Fic's will be limited to 5,000 words or less this round and now it's up to folks to select which genre they would like to read. The options are:

Canon compliant - fics that adhere to the Inception canon.
Femslash / genderbend / rule 63 - fics where genders are swapped for one or all characters.
Gen fic - General rated fics (as per AO3), so fics with no teen and up, mature or expicit content.
Kid fic / Parent fic - Inception characters can be kids or have kids.
Missing scene - Scenes that are missing from the film.
OT3 - Poly pairings! Any pairing is accepted.
Remix - Remixes of other fic's.
Underrated fics - fics that don't have a high kudos or hit but that people love and want to give the author love.


SURVEY CLOSES SUNDAY OCTOBER 16, 2016. We will be doing a "holiday" genre during the month of December which is why it is not on the above list. Check the calendar for additional dates.

Link to the Calendar.

Round 3

Oct. 4th, 2016 08:58 am
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Hi everyone!

Is everyone ready for round 3?

I have a question to ask in regards to the format of round 3, since there isn't a long list of genres I was wondering if a format change would be acceptable. Instead of doing multiple genres per round we select one and read a number of fics in that genre. This could open up for thematic discussions, comparing and contrasting between fics in the same genre.

We can certainly go back to the old format if people don't like the idea of one genre per round.

I was also thinking, that for this round at least, we have a word cap on the fic. Say no more then 5k words to keep them short so people have time to read. We've had a lot of long, multi-chaptered fics that are difficult to fit in during the school year/real life.

Additionally, in December I'd love to do a "holiday" theme. It doesn't have to be limited to Christmas/Hanukkah, but could incorporate other holidays like halloween or valentines day.

After this poll, I'll open up another to select the genre(s) we choose to read.



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